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I'm Mila, a (fully bilingual) half-Parisian half-American Art Director student at the Brandcenter.

Before "mama" or "non!", the first word I ever spoke was "hot". 


Strangely, this has paved the way for 24 years of exploring the sensorial realms and finding ways to create emotion and impact in others.

Today, I blend culture, art, design, and technology to solve business problems and inspire people to connect. 


I thrive in a multi-cultural environment, learning from and sharing my passions with people from all walks of life.

My favorite Art Direction medium is Visual Storytelling through Film and I love playing with the multi-dimensionality of the platform.


Just like my mother did when placing my hand on her warm cup of coffee every morning, I aim to create visceral feelings in people through my work.




- I've moved pretty much every 2 years since I was 13.


- Sun: Libra // Moon: Leo // Rising: Libra-Scorpio


- I'm currently digging Brazilian 90s music, Jodorovski films and Japanese ads


- I fantasize about controlling time 


- I once got married on a pirate ship in international waters.



If movie quotes

were album covers

My grand love for cinema paired with that of album art erected this ongoing project of taking famous quotes from movies and transforming them into album covers. 

Paint me like

one of your ...

I am in the process of making an autobiographical series of paintings exploring my bi-cultural French/American heritage. Here is the first work-in-progess.